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Applications that are primarily for viewing the results of LaTeX or related output.

Many specialised viewers for TeX have built-in editors. These are often called 'front ends' and are described on their own page. If you are just starting to learn TeX, you may wish to start by using a front end which offers a unified GUI interface and straightforward configuration options.

If you cannot find a front end which meets all your needs, it is still worth exploring what the available front ends have to offer since many TeX front ends can be used with external editors or viewers if required. For example, TeXShop, a popular front end for Mac OS X, can also be used as either an editor with an external viewer or a viewer for an external editor.

New to TeX is SyncTeX, the pdfsync replacement. Please refer to the SyncTeX page for more information.


Adobe products


by Adobe


A family of three products whose price varies according to the feature set:

Note: The advertised free trial has been "currently" available only for Windows for some time...


by Adobe


PDF viewer. Supports completion of specially-enabled forms, review of specially-enabled documents etc.

See also AcroTeX



GhostView for MacOS X. Displays raw postscript without conversion of file to PDF.



According to the author's description, MacDviX is a DVI viewer for OS X which does not require X11. It offers automatic preview updating and the ability to switch easily between corresponding points in the preview and source. It requires an installation of TeXLive.


GPL2 (from the source)

Poppler is a PDF rendering library based on the xpdf-3.0 code base. Contains newer versions of pdffonts, pdfinfo, pdftops, pdfimages, pdftoppm, pdftotext.

TeXWorks uses it. One can compile Poppler with different libraries (Qt, cairo, etc). Depending on your choice it could be a non-trivial task. Victor Ivrii 12:45, 7 October 2010 (UTC)


Open source (GPL)

Simple full-screen PDF viewer developed to replace the functionality apparently removed from Preview in Tiger. It uses Quartz and produces better results when displaying line art than Acrobat. Complex images are rendered off-screen and then displayed, resulting in smoother and faster page-flips.

Note: 'Presenter' does not appear in the list of applications on the home page. Look for 'Full Screen PDF Viewer (really simple)' instead.

See also this hint.


by Apple


Mac OS X viewer bundled with the OS. If you have OS X, you have this already. If you don't have OS X, this would do you no good anyway.


Open source (BSD)

Skim is a PDFKit-based PDF reader and note-taker for OS X with support for PS/DVI. It is designed to help you read and annotate scientific papers in PDF and enables use of synchronization via pdfsync and SyncTeX for editing TeX documents.

Skim is included in MacTeXtras.


by Massimiliano Gubinelli

Freeware? with source

DVI/PDF viewer. Now supplanted by Skim.

TeXniscope is included in MacTeXtras.


by Paul Vojta

Open source (GPL/LGPL/MIT)

From the project summary:

Xdvi is a program for displaying DVI files on the X window system. Xdvik is a variant with hyperlink support and other additions...

Note: Although the home page suggests Xdvi is still a separate project, they have been merged according to the information on CTAN.

Xdvi is included in TeX Live.


Tri licence (GPL with "informal clarifications"; Libraries; Commercial source)

Lightweight X11 pdf viewer. Provides useful messages if there are problems with pdf files. Compatible with PDF 1.7.

Version 3.02

By some reasons xpdf and pdftoppm are difficult to compile on MacOS X. Once I managed to do this Victor Ivrii

  • Available from [Software Management Systems#MacPorts|MacPorts] and probably [Software Management Systems#Fink|Fink].

Contains pdffonts, pdfinfo, pdftops, xpdf, pdfimages, pdftoppm, pdftotext.

Also see Poppler

See also TeX Front Ends

See also Flashmode

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