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For the latest announcements and lively discussion, we encourage you to subscribe to the TeX on Mac OS X mailing list. For those who don't like to get on lists, we do not use your email address in any way. This is an edu (educational) site (see the url) and we couldn't profit from them if we wanted to. If you wish to filter the messages using your mail client, the "To:" field always contains "MacOSX-TeX@email.esm.psu.edu".

General List Information & Usage Agreement (Sept. 1, 2003)

By subscribing to this list you agree to these principles:
  1. Users agree to maintain civility...this includes avoiding `flame-wars'. Please take such communications off-list. Users are referred to the Netiquette home page (RFC 1855) for further guidelines regarding behavior on the web.
  2. If you are new to LaTeX (or TeX+macros) please first read the Getting Started document and then make yourself familiar with the rest of the pages on this web site. The Getting Started document document contains an overview of many of the primary options, and also is a document you can start with (see the section "Trying It Out: My First LaTeX Document"). Everything for creating that document is available for download from the document itself.
  3. Users agree to, for the most part, stay on-topic. This list is meant to focus on Mac OS X-specific TeX questions. Occasionally we all go off topic and it can be useful, but keep in mind that many questions are easily answered by looking at one or more of the following first:
    1. Search the comp.text.tex newsgroup in Google Groups archives (you may subscribe to comp.text.tex on the newsserver your ISP provides).
    2. Read the list on GMANE.
    3. A wonderful FAQ plus more has been generated by Stephan Hochhaus and it is perhaps the best way to glean information out of past posts to the list. It's highly recommended that you look there first before posting questions to the mailing list.
    4. You can read the [MacOSX-TeX-Digests digests of the list] before mid Sept. 2005.
    5. Or, you can read the digests of the list after 2002 with even better archive features!
    6. The References page on this web site contains a multitude of other sources. This includes introductions to (La)TeX, web resources, commonly needed manuals, recommended books, etc. Only after becoming familiar with these other sources should you feel comfortable sending a non-Mac related question to the list.
  4. Generic announcements likely to be of interest to the Mac TeX community are encouraged.
  5. Users are encouraged to follow the quoting guidelines at learn to quote. Summary: replace irrelevant material with a < snip >, respond below the text you are responding to, and don't let your email application change the subject.
  6. Announcements regarding Mac-software and Mac-ports of multi-platform software are strongly encouraged.
To subscribe, select I agree to these principles. To unsubscribe to the macosx-tex list, click here. Queries should be sent to Gary L. Gray. You can send messages to the list at TeX on Mac OS X Mailing List and your messages will be sent to the other list subscribers. Messages must be posted from the address with which you subscribed.

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