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As always, a few guidelines are in order. These will be adjusted over time by the administrators, and probably won't stabilize until 2009 (when the site will be well under way). Please select watch for this page.

  • A good start, but very detailed, at the Wikipedia policies. While not perfect for this application, they form a reasonable starting point.
  • This site is not for posting preferences and opinions. Reasonable statements of consensus may be made, but must be clearly stated as observations as opposed to truths. For instance: "Many users new to LaTeX find TeXShop a good starting point" is better than "New users should use TeXShop", but not great. Better would be a description of TeXShop and what makes it easier for the novice. Yes, this is subjective. Note that I posted my opinions on getting started off the wiki.
    • Exception: personal preferences/advice may be posted on your personal wiki page. To edit or create this page, click on the link to your user name. By default, this is at the top of every wiki page. The page you edit or create should have the title "User:Yourusername". I (Joseph Slater) will link to your getting started advice on request. By locating your advice on a personal page, it's clear whose advice it is.
    • Note that users should not create multiple user pages or sub-pages. You should include your personal preferences/advice on the single user page for your account with the title "User:Yourusername". If you wish to provide more extensive comments, you should post these on a suitable external site and provide a link rather than creating additional pages here.
    • User pages featuring personal opinions should include a standard disclaimer at the top of the page and prior to the expression of such views. To add the disclaimer, include the following code:
{{:Disclaimer message}}
  • Negative opinions are not allowed. Factual statements are fine, but Emacs/vi wars are unacceptable. Your inability to comprehend how anyone could fathom using "X" is not a fact. It's an opinion, and often says more about you, your capabilities, and the type of tool you need.
  • Advertising is not allowed. Authors of software typically have their own web pages, and there should be links to them. However, they should refrain from editing sections relevant to their own software, or that of competitors. You already have a forum that is your web page. If you find errors regarding your own software, it's best to ask a third party to make a correction based on their best judgement so as to avoid bias or the appearance thereof.
  • Vulgar language is prohibited. Use common sense.
  • No copyrighted material may be used (with exception of your own material- see below). We can't keep track of permission, so we won't accept it. We can trace who posted it, so if someone sues us for copyright violation, we'll know who's responsible.
  • Gary Gray and Joseph Slater relinquish any copyright to any text on the TeX on Mac OS X site so that it can be transferred to this new site without concern.
  • By posting on this site, authors are relinquishing any claim to copyright violation of that material and grant publication of that material within this wiki and take responsibility for any violation that a publisher may claim. e.g., My publisher allows publication, for academic purposes, of my work. I may post my own copyright material, provided I am taking responsibility for that copyright.
  • Please try to use as direct a link as possible. See for instance the link to BibDesk from bibtex, or this link to bibtex to see how it's done!
  • Please do your best to log changes in the Summary box when editing.
  • Please use the preview feature to avoid submitting repeated changes until you get something right.
  • Please avoid posting binaries. There are usually better maintained sources than this wiki. The open nature of the wiki can make trojan horses, etc. easy to distribute anonymously (how long does it take to set up a google email account?). We will grandfather whatever was on the previous mac-on-osx site, but new package uploads should go to CTAN, not here.
  • Do not post email addresses. SPAM engines will pick them up, and we don't want to exacerbate the problem.
  • Licenses: Please be accurate with licensing information. The ideal, usually achievable, is to reference a specific license for the software. It is most important to distinguish between software that is gratis (available for no money), and free and open source software (source is available, etc.). The GNU website has a generally-accepted definition of the latter.
  • Please read the brief page description at the top of each page to decide whether the page you are looking at is the appropriate place for a new entry.
  • When multiple installation routes are available, do not suggest one of them as the way to install something. Make clear that that is one possible way to install it. For example, don't suggest that Fink (or even "Fink or MacPorts") is the way to install something as this is never true - it is always possible to install such software from source and there are often other OS X packages available. Remember that the wiki must be unbiased to every extent possible.
  • Links: Links for software should be to the "official home page" of the software. Sometimes a secondary link for download is appropriate, especially when the packaging of an installer is not available from the main site.
  • Spelling: "British or American?" This battle has happened on Wikipedia, and we are adopting their policy. Either/or. Consistency is nice. Try to be consistent within your own sections, and those around your sections, but neither is wrong or right. Don't make us switch to Welsh!

Please turn on "watch" for this page so that you are informed of changes.

Questions? Email me.

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