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by a lot of people.

Open source (GPL)

Current Version: If your using it, use the application to find out.
Fink is a generic software package manager for Mac OS X. It is intended to be a command-line tool, but has been made easier to use by the average user by Fink Commander.


Open source (BSD)

Package manager for installing open-source software including a great many command-line tools, as well as X11 and Aqua applications. Like Fink, MacPorts is designed to automate the process of downloading, compiling and installing open-source software on OS X.

MacPorts may be used to install an Aqua front-end for MacPorts called Pallet.

Alternatively, the freeware GUI Porticus can also be used.

TeX Live Manager

Open source (GPL)

TeX Live Manager (tlmgr) is a TeX Live utility first introduced in the 2008 release which allows users to update the software in between major (typically annual) releases.

It is used to update packages and utilities included in TeX Live itself - as opposed to any local or personal additions. That is, it updates packages in the main distribution tree (typically /usr/local/texlive/2008) rather than those in the local or personal trees (typically /usr/local/texlive/texmf-local and, in the case of MacTeX, ~/Library/texmf respectively). It thus allows regular updating of packages not manually installed by the installation administrator or user in alternate locations. To be installed or updated packages must be packed as specified by the TeX Live team (similarly to the Windows MikTeX installer).

See TeX Live Manager for more information.

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