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Various licences

MacTeXtras is a complimentary collection of additional tools, scripts and documentation created by the MacTeX Technical Working Group. Note that this collection overlaps with the main MacTeX distribution but does not contain TeX itself. It is usually updated as its contents are updated. See the ExtrasFolder.pdf file for its present software contents and versions.

Note that nothing here depends on TeX Live or the main MacTeX distribution specifically. So if you choose to install a different distribution, you can still download this collection to get the GUI tools, scripts and documentation.

Finally, if you are new to TeX, do not be overwhelmed by the number of bits and bobs here. The collection includes a wide range of options to suit different users and to let people experiment to find out what suits them best. It contains, for example, five editors and front ends and links to three more although most people only use one such application. You certainly don't need to try out - let alone learn - all of them. If the collection seems intimidating, ignore it. Stick to what the main MacTeX distribution provides to start with. Later, if you decide to try something else, you can do so with a better sense of what you are looking for. Take a look at Getting Started with TeX for information about what you really need to start out with.


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