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by Filip G. Machi, Jerrold E. Marsden, Wendy G. McKay


FasTeX is a system of keyboard shortcuts for the fast keying of TeX (LaTeX, AmSTeX, AMSLaTeX) currently available for Macintosh and Unix computers. It replaces any keyboard shortcut by the equivalent TeX command or group of commands and will speed up your TeX inputting by a factor of 3, as well as providing many useful templates. It also helps to avoid the creation of special macro command abbreviations that make the TeX code hard to read and edit quickly by others who work on the same files. A set of files, which we shall refer to as the FasTeX Shortcut Files, contains the mapping information that expands keyboard shortcuts into the corresponding TeX commands.

Requires TypeIt4Me for Mac OS or Mac OS X, or scedit with expect for unix

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